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Comedian * Scriptwriter * After-Dinner Speaker
Austin Knight

The Stage called Austin "A master of the throwaway gag and ad-lib."

Now you can see for yourself - some of Austin's prize gags!

WARNING: Some of these jokes may be past their tell-by date.

Many more of Austin's Videos are available here:
Live at The Palace
Live at The Palace Theatre, Manchester

Austin's Showreel

The Wedding Comedian

Compilation of gags from Granada's The New Comedians

Austin in Zemanovaload

Audio Austin

Austin on the new DisneyWorld (51k WAV) Click to listen
Austin introduces the compere (55k WAV) Click to listen
Austin on the lottery (88k WAV) Click to listen
Austin on self assessment (97k WAV) Click to listen
Austin on politics (127k WAV) Click to listen
Austin on royalty (257k WAV) Click to listen
Austin's Glossop Rap, with Music by Leigh Stirling. Parental advisory note: contains mild references to Glossop. (4' 21", 5.56MB MP3) Click to listen
Austin plays Dr. Warwick Hunt, a dream expert from The University of Wallsall on Key 103, with James H Reeve. (16' 50", 3.85MB MP3) Click to listen